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Yoga in Flagstaff

Yoga in Flagstaff

Did you come here looking for where to practice Yoga in Flagstaff? Scroll down to see my list of where to find Yoga in Flagstaff.

Hot Yoga vs. Yoga Without the Sauna

Practicing yoga has never been one of my strong suits. I had a difficult time with the quiet, dreamy music and the soothing voice of the instructor. Somehow meditation and movement did not seem to go together for me. Then I discovered Hot Yoga. WOW! That was a big game changer. Now, I don’t think Hot Yoga is for everyone. For many it can be extremely challenging and feel like it’s overwhelming. But for me, the challenge was what kept me interested and returning for more sessions.

Sweating More Removes Toxins

Even though I really enjoy Hot Yoga, I wanted to know if there are really added benefits to practicing yoga in high heat and high humidity. Probably the biggest controversy is whether or not you sweat out additional toxins. There has been some research to say yes, and yet conventional wisdom says only the liver, kidneys, and intestines remove toxins.  Here’s a great article that gives more detailed information.  Basically, yes – I feel confident that some toxins are indeed released from the body through sweating.

Sweating Helps With Weight Loss

Hmm. Well, this is an interesting possible benefit. If Hot Yoga increases your heart rate and you are sweating more because it’s practiced in higher heat, then yes, you can burn more calories that could lead to  weight loss. On the other hand, it could simply be water weight that is lost and not fat. Water weight can return pretty easily, and you want to make sure you’re not getting dehydrated during your Hot Yoga session. Most people’s heart rates are higher during Hot Yoga, but my personal experience was that it did not lead to weight loss. However, it did lead to…

Better Flexibility

Having trained in and taught martial arts for 10 years, I know the benefit of warming up your muscles before a workout and also how much more of a stretch people get with warm muscles. Now…just because you step into a warm room, does not mean your muscles are immediately ready for a deep stretch! So.. I take this one with a grain of salt. Once your muscles are warmed up, whether in a room that is extra hot or just mildly warm, your stretching can go deeper.

Intensity and Cautions

Like I said earlier, Hot Yoga is not for everyone. Just because it won me over, does not mean it’s better than yoga in a cooler environment. I loved the intensity but…some of us push ourselves too hard and that can lead to more injury. Also in Hot Yoga the good instructors will check to make sure you are getting enough liquids and encourage you to sit if you get dizzy. You definitely want to avoid heat exhaustion! If you’re concerned about Hot Yoga for your health, check with your doctor. Yoga can be transformational, just make sure your body is ready for it.

Yoga in Flagstaff, Az

As promised here’s a list of places you can practice Yoga in Flagstaff. If you are a yoga teacher/studio and I left you off my list, please contact me and I will add you to my list immediately. Namaste my fellow Yogis and Yoginis.

Studio NameWebsitePhone or email
Barre3Barre3 Website(928) 774-0782
Barre3 is a full-body workout designed with our signature approach of sustained holds, micro-movements, and cardio bursts that will leave you feeling balanced in body and empowered from within.
Esenem YogaEsenem Website(928) 440-6220
At ESenEM we have developed our classes to be accessible and fun for all levels. Each class incorporates lively music to push your mind and body further. We believe in working hard, having fun, and jamming out.
High Altitude YogaHigh Altitude Yoga Website(928) 607-5595
High Altitude Yoga's mission is to bring mindfulness and physical wellness to the Arizona community by creating accessible, playful environments to learn and explore the many facets of yoga. Our instruction is grounded in anatomical principles and caters to all practitioners, on-site, whether a desk jockey or an elite athlete. High Altitude Yoga's motto is truly YOGA WITHOUT WALLS.
Holistic Body DesignHolistic Body Design Website(928) 522-6004
Holistic Body Design offers private and personalized yoga sessions to help you feel your best. There are many different yoga techniques used to heal different parts of your mind, body and soul.
Laura Fallon YogaLaura Fallon
My goal as an instructor, whether in a class or working with someone one-on-one, is to create a space for you to learn about your body and heal your body, mind, and spirit. I will work you through specific postures to help you gain what you may not have at the moment: strength, flexibility, patience, focus All of these qualities are needed, not only in the but the mind to help you keep doing the things you love more safely and fully.
ROOTS Body Mind Health FitnessRoots Website(928) 970-0042
Yoga Flow
Enjoy an energetic yoga class set to upbeat music that uses a series of flowing postures to create heat within the body as students increase their strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. All Levels Flow (Vinyasa) is good for new students, those interested in the physical and mental benefits of yoga, and anyone who wants to dive in to a multi-level, yet strong practice. A small towel and water are encouraged!
Northern Az Yoga CenterN AZ Yoga Center Website(928) 774-3144
Our Mission
We are grateful to serve the Flagstaff Community with the most experienced group of yoga teachers in town. Since our doors opened in 2007, we have lead the way in embracing and supporting teachers from various yoga lineages including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Yoga Therapy, Anusara, Yin, Yoga Nidra, Restorative, and more. We lead with our hearts. We are a spiritual community and prioritize using the physical aspects of yoga to remember who we are. We are Love. Namaste!
The Yoga ExperienceYoga Experience Website(928) 774-9010
The Yoga Experience offers classes taught by highly trained, practiced, dedicated teachers who combine elements from the Anusara, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and YOGAMAZÉ traditions. We embrace the profound lineages of yogic teaching, while engaging the heart of contemporary yoga and its remarkable ability to prepare us for everyday life.
Yoga RevolutionYoga Revolution Website(928) 600-9483
It's a vibe, a frequency in which we rise to our passions, desires, our friendships, and relationships.
The shift.
The change.
Meeting each other in a space above the stress, the mess....
we vibrate higher.
Yoga Revolution is a place for that rise.
Coming to yoga seeking a change, something more?
We are right here.

Katannya Hartwell

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